A common misstep…

As is often the case when trying to instil a new habit and learn a new skill, life has made it tricky.

Moving house, visiting friends and family, etc, etc, have meant I have lost time as I try to build up consistency in my learning of Python. Until this weekend I haven’t looked at any code for around 10 days and I feel the sluggishness.

More than anything, it was impossibly difficult to get started again once I had stepped away for a while. Having lost any momentum I felt I had gained, to come back to it felt like admitting defeat. It was easier to not have to face it at all.

But today I have managed to get back to it and feel somewhat reenergised with the project. Having moved on from data analysis and data representation (the concepts covered things I have done before and so it felt more mundane to learn the code to merely show boring graphs etc>) I am now working on NLP and Recurring Neural Networks. Perhaps beyond my pay grade, the concepts are challenging but exciting and fuelling my desire to study.

Beginning to be able to understand the fundamental concepts behind deep learning and RNNs would be too bold a statement. I am scratching the surface.

This week I have set myself the goals I hope to achieve.

We will see how the week goes and whether or not I can maintain the consistency…



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